What is Obesity?

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Patient Stories

Nancy and Bill,
Both post-op Gastric Bypass and are both Dr. Rantis’ patients


Duodenal Switch Patient



I decided two years ago; I needed to change my quality of life. The Kane Center did exactly that.

Being someone that was physically fit through my earlier years it was hard to admit that I could no longer do the activities I once enjoyed. The realist in me recognized hiking, biking, swimming and competitive boxing was not in the cards for someone at 400 pounds body weight and a BMI of 53. I also recognized all the medical problems that could arise if I didn’t act fast on making changes in my life.

I sat in that first introduction seminar and was greeted by Maria, guest speakers and Dr. Guske; appreciating this could be the way to make that change happen.

It is hard to imagine that I lost more weight than I currently weigh, lost 220 pounds and weigh 180 pounds, as this is my new way of life. I can say that the Suburban Surgical Care team has given me a new lease on life via gastric sleeve and I am forever grateful.



1I guess it’s been a long time since my surgery and being a size 6 is just a way of life. But maybe it would be fun just to toot my horn for losing 130lbs. It was a tough life change for me, but the right decision. I am disabled. I have severe degenetive disc disease, severe stenosis, and scoliosis. (A few other things but we will leave it at that.)

2Bariatric surgery gave me a better quality of life. I would be in a wheel chair at the very least by now. Gratefully I walk with a cane, and that’s just alright by me. Dr. Kane has always been worried about the boat load of medication I take on a daily bases. I am fortune to have NWCH Doctors that completely monitor me vs. the medication vs. my pouch. I do respect Dr. Kane’s recommendations and take the least I can to keep the pain under control.

I can’t even imagine weighing 275 pounds anymore and what condition I would be now. The first year was hard, but I would do it again just to have the quality of life I have now So, thanks for listening to my story. Hooray! Today I am celebrating me.



Dr. Rantis,

I was your first gastric balloon patient and I wanted to thank you and tell you that having the procedure was the best decision I could have mode regarding my health. Before the balloon I weighed 243 pounds, was per-diabetic and my cholesterol was through the charts.jennifer-alagna_pix-%281%29-copy

I have lost 85 pounds, am no longer pre-diabetic and my cholesterol is very low! Your staff at Suburban Surgical Care and the staff at Alexian Bros Hospital were very wonderful and I would recommend you and the procedure to anyone.

I have enclosed my “after” picture. There are no “before” pictures because I never let myself be photographed before.

Thank you!

Jennifer Alagna