Vitamin Kits

img_8875Since the amount of food you can eat following bariatric surgery is reduced, and also absorption of minerals and vitamins altered, dietary supplements are extremely important to prevent nutrient deficiencies. The ones best for you will vary based on the procedure you have done, though the most common vitamins that weight loss surgery patients require include multivitamins as well as calcium and iron supplements. Your doctor will advise on which ones you should take, along with the dosage and regimen ideal for your personal needs.

Bariatric Advantage® Nutritional Supplements

At Suburban Surgical Care Specialists/Kane Center, our team offers Bariatric Advantage® Nutritional Supplements. This is a collection of vitamins and minerals specially formulated for people who have undergone weight loss surgery to fulfill their nutritional needs. The supplements are designed to help patients be successful in their vitamin regimen—they are easy to digest, better tasting, and come in lactose-free and low-glycemic options. The system entails a 30-day vitamin kit to be taken following procedures like LAP-BAND®, Duodenal Switch, gastric bypass, gastric sleeve, and more.

It is important to note that while these vitamins are a valuable part of your recovery and long-term health, they are only effective for as long as you are following your regimen. While patients often take their supplements in the beginning, it is common for many to start missing dosages as time goes on. Since it can be difficult to consume the necessary amount of vitamins and minerals after weight loss procedures, our bariatric surgery specialists emphasize the need to stay committed to your long-term health by regularly taking the vitamins recommended to you.

Visit the Bariatric Advantage® online store to learn more. If you have any further questions about the nutritional supplements, please contact us today.