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Patient 4

When I got married in Oct. 2016, my knees hurt for days afterwards from the reception dancing because I was so heavy. At 300 lbs at only 33 years old, I knew I had to put a stop to my life-long struggle with obesity. And this post-wedding pain was the final straw. After losing and gaining the same 40 lbs for months, I met with Dr. Wallace in July 2017 and we agreed that gastric bypass was the best option for me. Since surgery in Oct. 2017, I have lost 124 lbs from my highest weight – and am still losing! I’ve cured my sleep apnea, and my physical fitness is the best in my life! I went from working hard to walk a 5k in an hour to running a half marathon in under 3hrs! Life has become an adventure rather than a burden, with more half marathons and possibly a marathon in my future. The tool Dr. Wallace gave me has changed my life, and I am making the most of my second chance!