Suburban Surgical Care Specialists Discuss the Downfalls of Fad Diets

The doctors at Suburban Surgical Care Specialists recently discussed dieting and how it affects their patients. The bariatric surgeons in Chicago want their current and potential patients to know that while fad diets are attractive because they promise fast results, slow and steady typically wins the race. In an attempt to address potential health concerns associated with weight gain by following common fad diets, the doctors at the practice say they find the end result for a majority of their patients is often progressive weight gain and continued health problems: side effects that many patients cannot afford to toy with.

The Suburban Surgical Care Specialists want their patients to remember success with fad diets is seldom, and often leads to further weight gain and frustration. In the fight against excess weight and the accompanying health issues, especially in extreme cases of obesity, the doctors at the practice stress that medical supervision throughout the weight loss process, whether it includes bariatric surgery in Chicago or not, is an essential ingredient in successful and permanent weight loss.