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Can You Stretch Your Stomach After Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

Designed to decrease the size of the stomach, gastric sleeve surgery is ideal for patients struggling with morbid obesity. The procedure can limit the number of calories a patient can comfortably consume and, as a result, is an effective method of weight loss. While many find success with gastric sleeve surgery, many patients wonder if their stomach could still stretch after surgery.

Even though the procedure can make losing a significant amount of weight possible, therefore minimizing their risk of developing life-threatening illnesses, patients still need to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle post surgery. It is normal for the stomach to naturally expand a small amount, especially when eating, but regular overindulgence may lead to an increase in stomach size and potential weight gain.

Typically, when you’re full, your body sends a message to your brain indicating that your stomach is at capacity. If you overeat often, your brain may no longer recognize when your stomach is actually full. This can permanently stretch your stomach and confuse your body’s hunger signals. Even if you have previously undergone gastric sleeve surgery, you may gain weight again. By adhering to healthy eating and exercise habits, you’re more likely to see longer-lasting results from your gastric sleeve.

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