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Armpit Hair Removal Treatment with miraSmooth

Many of our patients at Suburban Surgical Care Specialists have already reaped the benefits of the miraDry® procedure, which can reduce or stop the production of underarm sweat. With the introduction of miraSmooth, our patients have the option of simultaneously removing underarm hair for skin that can stay smooth and dry.

This FDA-approved treatment utilizes microwave energy to target and eliminate the hair follicles of the underarm as well as reduce new hair growth. In addition, this treatment can stop sweat by stunting the glands, which can provide relief for patients suffering from hyperhidrosis. Since miraSmooth has proven effective on all skin types, skin colors, and hair types, the procedure is considered “color-blind” and can help nearly any patient who desires smoother, drier, odor-free underarms. Patients typically experience significant improvement after just one treatment session, though some patients opt for a follow-up treatment to maximize their results.

For more information on miraSmooth, or to schedule a consultation with one of our specialists, please contact us today.