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miraDry® Offers Proven Results for Underarm Sweating

Our team at Suburban Surgical Care Specialists / Kane Center is committed to offering the safest, most effective treatments available. Among our expansive procedural offering is miraDry®, which is a non-invasive treatment designed to reduce excessive underarm sweating. This advanced solution has helped numerous patients at SSCS successfully diminish odor and visible sweating in their underarms. To further examine the potential of miraDry®, a comparison study was recently conducted to see the difference between six volunteers’ treated underarm versus their untreated underarm.

Four weeks after they underwent miraDry® on one side, they returned to take a test to determine the level of improvement they received. The participants rode a stationary bike in a heated room for about 30 minutes. Following this exercise, pictures were taken to compare both of their underarms. The pictures from this study reveal the noticeable difference between the patients’ treated versus untreated underarms, and they reported being extremely satisfied with the level of reduction they achieved.

The volunteers in this study each had their own motivation for seeking relief from their excessive underarm sweating. This fact, along with the obvious improvement, proves that miraDry® is a viable option for a wide variety of individuals.