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Other Options for Heartburn

Other Options for Heartburn

Lifestyle Modifications:

Whether you have occasional or severe chronic heartburn, the following basic lifestyle changes may help you manage your heartburn and benefit your overall health.

Can certain medications make heartburn worse?

Certain medications can make heartburn worse because they either promote acid production, relax the lower esophageal sphincter (L.E.S.), or reduce saliva.

Ask your pharmacist or doctor if anything you’re taking contributes to your heartburn, such as:

Should I take medication?

If you have frequent or severe heartburn your doctor may prescribe a medication. Some (called over-the-counter medications) are available at your local pharmacy and others (called prescription medications) are available through your local doctor.

Remember, whether you’re on medication or not, lifestyle changes such as eating good foods, getting exercise, and managing stress, are an important part of feeling better. Talk to your doctor about choosing the best treatment plan.